Side’s Fine Dining Experience: Alma Restaurant

Alma Restaurant places great importance on supporting local producers by sourcing fresh and high-quality ingredients from local markets. They use products collected by villagers from their own fields and gardens to both show respect for their labor and offer magnificent flavors with the freshest ingredients. Additionally, by processing the freshest seafood sourced from fishermen, they bring the unique flavors of the Mediterranean to your table. Not only do they support fishermen by purchasing their products, but they also experience the joy of offering the freshest seafood. The greatest supporter of this journey from land to plate, from sea to plate, is the unique natural resources offered by the Mediterranean.

Alma Restaurant not only prides itself on its flavors but also adopts a sustainable approach. Constantly striving to preserve biodiversity and prevent waste, the restaurant plans its menus accordingly and utilizes its products most efficiently. For example, by utilizing the legs of octopus, they add seafood pasta to the menu. Additionally, they prevent waste by making puree from leftover potatoes.



Among Their Delights
The tasting menu of flavor journey begins with “Amuse bouche” and continues by focusing on three different tastes. In the first cold dish, a tomato stuffed with the region’s freshest tomatoes, flavored with shepherd salad juice, cow burrata, kumquat, and pickled red onion, awaits you. Then, as dishes like sea bass ceviche, celery mille feuille, and lentil grouper come one after the other, the flavor journey is completed with baklava additions served as dessert.

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