Embracing Nature’s Flavor: Çiy Restaurant

Çiy Restaurant, born in the heart of nature, amidst verdant valleys, embodies the traces of a dream. Established in 2018 in Caferli Village, this special venue is surrounded by the grace and bounty of nature, exuding a serene beauty.

Çiy Restaurant is the realization of a dream, initially conceived by its founders drawing inspiration from the wonders of nature. Its essence, infused with tranquility and simplicity, is palpable in every corner. Inviting guests to a feast adorned with nature’s seasonal gifts, each dish is akin to a harmonious dance; crafted with organic and fresh ingredients carefully selected by local producers, they captivate the palate as works of art.

Beyond its culinary delights, Çiy Restaurant also garners attention for its environmental and social responsibility. Embracing recycling as a philosophy of life, every detail in this venue reflects an environmentally conscious approach. From interior design to material usage; from waste management to energy efficiency, every step reflects reverence for the balance and beauty of nature.

Çiy Restaurant is not merely a dining establishment, but an experience. It transports its guests on an unforgettable journey within nature’s embracing embrace. Its outdoor seating areas extend an invitation to a spiritual journey amidst breathtaking vistas.

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