Different Flavors in Every Taste: Bottargo Restaurant

Bottarga Restaurant is a special venue located in a modest location along the coast of Kuşadası, known for its emphasis on seafood. Bottarga offers a wide range of the freshest seasonal seafood, with its menu changing daily. The owner of the restaurant, Cengiz Taner, possesses extensive experience in sourcing fresh and high-quality ingredients from various suppliers.

One of the distinctive features of Bottarga is its lack of a traditional menu. Cengiz Taner personally decides what will be cooked each day, presenting guests with the best seafood available that day. This allows guests to experience something different with each visit. Cengiz Taner engages in effective communication with customers, offering them suitable recommendations, ensuring they feel at ease.
Daily arrivals of shrimp, squid, and seasonal fish are creatively interpreted on the plate. Guests at Bottarga generally trust Cengiz Taner recommendations and prefer to try different flavors with each visit.

Specialties on the menu include shrimp cooked with marrow and mushrooms, Turkish dumplings with squid ink, grilled calamari, and shark. However, guests typically rely on Cengiz Taner suggestions and enjoy exploring new flavors during each visit.

Despite its modest interior, the venue is located just above the shoreline, with tables often placed outdoors. This provides guests with the opportunity to enjoy views of the sea. Bottarga Restaurant offers its guests a unique dining experience and holds a special place in Kuşadası’s gastronomic scene.

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