The Rhythm of Taste in Seafood: Horasan Balık

Horasan Balık is a delightful chef-owned restaurant that not only reflects the flavors of fish, but also attracts attention with its dishes presented with innovative touches. Chef Ahmet Horasan’s aim is to present products with a variety of ingredients in a simple way and to make good use of this variety. He takes care to cooperate with his guests and enrich their experience throughout the entire process from the stove to the presentation of the food.

The dishes at Horasan Restaurant, which stands out for its simple decoration in the open air, focus on simplicity. Chef Ahmet Horasan says they aim to create sustainable dishes while creating flavors. The restaurant, which cares about the harmony of all the flavors on its plates, welcomes its guests with refined flavor combinations. In the menu of natural flavors, orange shrimp with orange is one of the must-try dishes where orange and shrimp create a unique harmony.

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