A Personalized Taste Experience: GALLADA

With a deep passion for cultural heritage and extensive research into historical cooking techniques, Chef Fatih Tutak aims to revolutionize the perception of Turkish cuisine. Inspired by his personal experiences in Central Asia and China, Chef Fatih has created a menu that is sophisticated and intuitive.

Each dish on the menu is inspired by the historical connection between Istanbul’s renovated shoreline overlooking the Bosphorus and the first Peninsula Hotel established in 1928 in Kowloon, Hong Kong, overlooking Victoria Harbour. This menu symbolizes a journey spanning nearly a century, influenced by the rich cultural and gastronomic ties that bind these two famous trading cities. It traces the footsteps of nomadic communities throughout history and continues to unite people and places, bridging the past with the present.

Menu highlights:
Artichoke, Spring Tarhana
Bonito, Tahini, Tomato, Yuzu
Adana Kebab Manti
Wood-fired lantern fish, black pepper paste, yogurt
Lamb Shish Kebab, Kebab Spices, Vinegar Pickled Kebab Onions
Warm date cake, masala tea, buffalo cream

GALLADA cuisine takes pride in offering bold flavors with carefully selected authentic ingredients from Turkey’s distinctive regions. Emphasizing the use of seasonal vegetables and sustainable sourcing practices reflects values. The concept of shared plates not only enhances the dining experience, but also invites guests to enjoy the social connections it fosters.

The intricate details of our dishes are complemented by a curated list of the finest wines sourced from Turkey’s leading wine regions, where producers use biodynamic and low-intervention methods.

Private Dining Room: A Personalized Experience

Located adjacent to the Topside Bar on the fifth floor, GALLADA’s Private Dining Room showcases the finest examples of Turkish craftsmanship and expertise. This intimate space is ideal for guests seeking a more personalized dining experience and can accommodate up to twenty guests.

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