Cantonese Cuisine Experience: Hakkasan Bodrum

Founded in 2001, Hakkasan is a unique brand that blends traditional Cantonese cuisine with a modern twist. Hakkasan’s passionate and talented chef Andrew Yeo uses the highest quality ingredients to create flavors you can only find here. The menu of Hakkasan restaurants in the world’s most dynamic cities perfectly reflects the culinary balance with signature dishes.

The Hakkasan menu reflects a perfect balance of flavors. Hakkasan Signature Peking Duck, Morel Mushroom and Vegetable Spring Rolls with Hakkasan Signature are the starters, while Black Pepper Sauteed Beef Ribeye with Merlot in Wok and Spicy Shrimp are the main courses. Among the light dessert options on the menu, Sweet Caviar, Litchi Rose Dumpling and Vegan Exotic Pavlova are among the favorites.

In addition, there are cocktail options under three different categories where you can have different experiences. Innovative mixes will leave a comfortable touch on your palate with unique cocktail categories such as Captivation for bold flavors; Romance for delicate, floral and aromatic lovers; Trust with modern versions for those who prefer elegant, classic and signature traditional flavors; Passion for those who want to have an intense, intimate and fiery experience.

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