The Passion of Two Chef Brothers: Orfoz Restaurant

Dancing with the sea breeze on the warm sunlit shores of Bodrum, Orfoz Restaurant starts its flavor adventure from the first hours of the morning. Under the leadership of brothers Çağrı Bozçağa and Çağlar Bozçağa, this intimate venue is a passionate collaboration with the freshest seafood from the Aegean bays.

Get ready to feel the fresh breath of the sea in Orfoz’s menu. There are delicacies such as tuna sashimi, oysters with parmesan foam and grilled calamari cooked to perfection. Each drop of the signature wine list has a different touch of the country and captures the common flavors in the bottle. The experience is complete the moment it reaches the guests’ palates.

Crowned with the 1 Toque award from Gault Millau, Orfoz Restaurant is one of Bodrum’s and the world’s favorite seafood destinations. It invites its guests not just to a dining venue, but to an experience where they will redefine taste in a sea adventure.


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