An Address Feeding From Its Roots Among Olive Trees: Teruar Urla

Nestled among olive trees and vineyards, Teruar Urla reflects the rich gastronomic heritage of the region and welcomes guests as a hotel-restaurant. Chef Osman Serdaroğlu focuses on sustainability while considering elegance.

Taking its name from Teruar, which means “environmental factors that include the unique growing environment of a crop”, the venue stands out for its unique character created by the combination of these features. Teruar Urla, which attracts attention with its atmosphere reflecting the stone house architecture of the region, also has a romantic history with its first dinner, where the wedding dinner of Chef Osman Serdaroğlu and his wife Ezgi Serdaroğlu was served.At Teruar Urla, which respects its roots and gives seafood the leading role in its cuisine, all ingredients are carefully selected from producers who are committed to producing good harvests.

Every dish served at the venue, which is the address of peaceful and unforgettable tables, reflects the subtle touches of Serdaroğlu while being served with respect for the earth. Pelit Cacio Peppe Taglioni, Şevketi Bostan served with Sand Mussel Sauce and Subye Ink, and Peninsula Sellfish Tartare are among the prominent flavors. The restaurant attracts gourmets with its a la carte menu, and also serves the Osman chef’s tasting menu, who follows the footsteps of creativity and simplicity. The wine list includes both foreign wines and carefully selected wines from different regions of Turkey, which will be the richest accompaniment to the dishes.


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