Neolokal ranked 91st in ‘The World’s Best 50 Restaurants

With chef Maksut Aşkar at the helm, Neolokal spins Turkish heritage produce into original global and local dishes. Part of the city’s Salt Galata cultural complex, the restaurant also serves jaw-dropping views of the Golden Horn through its floor-to-ceiling windows – be sure to make time for a cocktail on the rooftop. Neolokal’s supplies come from a sustainable farm in nearby Gümüşdere and, believing his research should be ‘open source’, Aşkar also gives away his recipes online.


Neolokal, one of Istanbul’s leading restaurants, has achieved international recognition by redefining Turkish cuisine with a contemporary perspective. By ranking 91st on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, Neolokal has made Turkey proud, garnering praise worldwide for Chef Maksut Aşkar’s original flavors and high-quality dishes.

Neolokal offers unique and original flavors by combining traditional Turkish ingredients with modern techniques. Highlighting the use of local and organic ingredients from various regions of Turkey, the restaurant provides guests with the opportunity to experience both traditional and innovative flavors.

The inclusion of Neolokal in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list is seen as a significant development in increasing the international recognition of Turkish cuisine. The success of the restaurant contributes to the worldwide appreciation of Turkey’s rich gastronomic heritage and innovative culinary approach.

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