A Blue Corner: Azur

Keeping up with the rapidly changing trends of Istanbul can sometimes be a challenging task for those living in a city where even taking a breath can feel difficult. For those who strive to adapt to change, Azur Restaurant in Yeniköy acts as a magnet, irresistibly drawing them in.
Azur takes you on a journey towards the cool waters of the Bosphorus with its menu filled with seafood delights and unique ambiance. The restaurant’s seaside location merges with the mesmerizing beauty of the view, offering you an experience akin to a dream.
Upon entering, you are greeted by a modern paradise. A two-story structure creates an elegantly crafted atmosphere with every detail meticulously considered. The first floor opens up to a meze bar brimming with fresh seafood, while the second floor hosts a spacious area for main courses and special presentations.
Azur’s menu is packed with flavors inspired by world cuisine. From Nikkei-style dishes to the finest tastes of the Mediterranean and unforgettable flavors from Turkish cuisine, there’s something to please every palate. Especially, classics like the seafood meze bar and Bodrum-style fried squid rank among the restaurant’s favorites.
Azur in Yeniköy is not just a restaurant but also a lifestyle. It’s an ideal destination for those who wish to step away from Istanbul’s fast-paced life and indulge in a flavorful break. Azur doesn’t just offer a dining experience; it provides you with a journey. Here, each flavor tells a story, and every detail is akin to a piece of art.
If you’re looking to take a personal break while keeping up with the rhythm of Istanbul, take a step into Azur. It’s a place that brings you together with the sea, flavors, and joy.

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