Gaziantep Restaurants are in the Gault&Millau 2024 Guide!

As spring approaches, when nature awakens and the weather warms up, it’s the ideal time to explore Gaziantep! With its historical and natural beauty, along with its delicious cuisine, Gaziantep promises locals and foreign tourists an unforgettable journey.

Gaziantep not only enchants tourists with its natural and historical beauties but also offers a unique gastronomic experience. Recognized as a UNESCO City of Gastronomy, Gaziantep is a favorite of gourmets with its regional delicacies such as katmer, baklava, kebabs, and firik rice. These flavors stand out as integral parts of the city’s historical and cultural heritage. Exploring not only the historical sites and enjoying nature in Gaziantep but also discovering the city’s rich cuisine offers an unforgettable experience.

Tourists visiting Gaziantep can taste the delicacies crafted by the city’s master chefs, purchase local products, and even participate in cooking courses to learn the secrets of Gaziantep cuisine. One of the most important representatives of this culinary culture is the restaurants that offer dishes crafted by the skilled hands of chefs.

Many restaurants from Gaziantep are featured in the Gault & Millau 2024 Turkey guide. Here are some of the Gaziantep restaurants listed in the guide and their standout flavors:

Hışvahan Restaurant:

Hışvahan, one of Gaziantep’s historical and touristic sites, was built in the 16th century. Originally built as a ‘caravansary’, Hışvahan was an important lodging point on the Silk Road. Now, still true to its original function, Hışvahan has been restored to serve as a boutique hotel and restaurant where visitors can experience the city’s culture. Flavors inspired by Gaziantep’s rich culture and local cuisine are served at Hışvahan, blending traditional tastes with modern touches in the enchanting atmosphere of Gaziantep. The bar section of the venue offers a wide selection of beverages crafted by expert bartenders. Hışvahan, as a meeting point of history and flavors, is featured in the 2024 Guide with the Gourmand Table Traditional Cuisine award, 1 Toque.


İmam Çağdaş:

A symbol of Gaziantep’s historical and gastronomic values, İmam Çağdaş has been bringing together flavor enthusiasts since 1887. Starting with the production of baklava and sweets, the establishment began operating under the name İmam Çağdaş in 1925. It has added important tastes of Gaziantep cuisine to its menu and has been one of Gaziantep’s foremost gastronomy destinations for years. The restaurant is located in a historic building in Uzun Çarşı. Regional delicacies such as kebabs, lahmacun, katmer, and baklava are featured on its menu. One of the standout dishes is the Ali Nazik, which is known for its authentic and historical atmosphere. İmam Çağdaş, with its deep-rooted history, authentic atmosphere, and traditional presentations of flavors, is listed in the 2024 Guide with the Gourmand Table Traditional Cuisine award, 1 Toque.


Mutfak Sanatları Merkezi (Culinary Arts Center):

Established in 2017 by the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality for the preservation, development, and transmission of Gaziantep’s rich culinary culture, Mutfak Sanatları Merkezi plays a significant role in promoting the use of local products, developing gastronomictourism, and training chefs. The center brings to light fading recipes of Gaziantep’s pot and pan dishes, offering options such as “Pot Dishes” and “Always Available” in their weekly changing menus. With a mission to preserve culture and highlighting Gaziantep’s regional flavors, the venueis featured in the 2024 Guide with the Gourmand Table Traditional Cuisine award, 1 Toque.


If you find yourself in Gaziantep, we recommend visiting these restaurants before leaving. In these restaurants where gastronomy and culture intertwine, you can taste the flavors of Gaziantep cuisine and experience the city’s historicalatmosphere.


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