Casa Lavanda Restaurant Crowned with Best Sustainability Award and 3 Toques!

The restaurant of Casa Lavanda Boutique Hotel has achieved great success at the Gault&Millau Turkey awards by bringing together excellence and sustainability. The restaurant, known for its pioneering work in sustainability and high-quality flavors, received the Best Sustainability Award and the Excellent Table 3 Toque award.

Biodynamic products born in the fertile lands of Şile transform into unique flavors in the kitchen of Casa Lavanda. The menu, based on local and seasonal products, offers a different gastronomic experience every season. Behind each dish are carefully selected ingredients, traditional recipes, and modern touches.

At Casa Lavanda, not only flavors but also stories are served. The restaurant, which shares with guests where each dish comes from, how it is produced, and how it enters their kitchens, also has its own gardens. The 2,000-square-meter biodynamic farming area consists of 40 different heirloom tomato varieties, 350 vegetables, 25 salads, 2,000 strawberry roots, more than 50 aromatic spices, and edible flowers.


The owner and Executive Chef Emre Şen, in order to build abetter world for future generations, preserves biodiversity by planting hundreds of seeds from all over the world in Casa Lavanda’s soil. Chef Emre Şen, who skillfully applies biodynamic and permaculture methods, enhances plant immunity with homemade compost derived from kitchen and office waste and plants according to the lunar calendar. Emre Şen’s philosophy is simple: “We nourish the soil so that the soil nourishes us.”

Casa Lavanda, aware of its environmental responsibility, takes unique and innovative steps in sustainability. The restaurant establishes close collaborations with local producers in the farming area, integrating organic and natural materials into its menu. This commitment aims to both reduce environmental impact and provide guests with the freshest and most delicious experience.

To savor the taste of nature, discover the story of flavor, and experience an unforgettable gastronomic journey, Casa Lavanda emerges as a destination worth visiting.


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