Alper Kızılbayır : One of The Recipients of the Gault & Millau 2024 Türkiye Rising Chef Award

Alper Kızılbayır, the Executive Sous Chef of Four Seasons Bosphorus, one of the recipients of the Gault & Millau 2024 Türkiye Rising Chef Award, has garnered attention as one of the shining stars in the turkish world of gastronomy. With his creativity and understanding of flavors, the chef has gained great acclaim, leaving unforgettable impressions on the palate with his culinary skills. In this exclusive interview, we invite you to explore the secrets of Kızılbayır’s gastronomic journey.


In what segment do you position your kitchen?

“Within the food and beverage department of the Four Seasons Hotel Bosphorus, I work as responsible for multiple restaurants and outlets. In this context, we position Yalı, which we call ‘All Day Dining,’ as a fine casual experience. In this restaurant, we bring together international and local flavors. At Ocakbaşı, offering a ‘Traditional Dining’ experience, we serve charcoal-grilled meat and kebab varieties along with traditional appetizers. Additionally, at our AQUA Restaurant in the ‘Fine Dining’ category, we showcase an innovative approach to seafood using modern and classic culinary techniques.”

Do you engage in innovative work when creating your menus?

“Together with our Executive Chef Görkem Özkan, we follow classic cooking techniques, local products, and innovative developments worldwide. We also always consider our kitchen culture, which is constantly evolving and open to change. This way, we aim to provide our guests with an unforgettable experience.”

What does the Gault & Millau Rising Chef Award mean to you? How did you feel when you won the award?

“The Gault & Millau Rising Chef Award became a symbol honoring my personal development and achievements in my culinary career at aninternational level. Winning the award excited me, as it acknowledged the professional knowledge and skills I have acquired throughout my career on an international guide. Receiving an individual award at the Gault & Millau award ceremony made me very happy, as it reflected both the success of the restaurant kitchen where I work and the personal achievement I have gained.”

Can you tell us about your future plans?

“Since I started working in the kitchen, I have had a dream of growing my own produce and creating a menu based on the ‘from soil to plate’ philosophy, serving these dishes to my surroundings. As an extension of this passion, I aim to embrace a sustainable and zero-waste kitchen culture, offering a different experience with natural and organic products.”

Many foreign tourists come to your hotel. How will Gault & Millau affect their route? What contribution does it make to Turkish gastronomy and tourism?

“The Gault & Millau guide is known as a guide that evaluates restaurants in many countries worldwide. Guests coming to our hotel for business or tourism purposes can enrich their gastronomic experiences by using this guide. The guide offers tourists the opportunity to discover the diversity and quality of Turkish gastronomy. Furthermore, by showcasing Türkiye’s culinary culture at an international level, this guide contributes positively to tourism. Tourists, relying on the Gault & Millau guide, can make more informed choices in exploring and experiencing Turkish cuisine.”


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