2024 Best Pastry Chef Award goes to Vakko Patisserie’s Pastry Chef Ghislain Gaille!

At the Gault&Millau 2024 Turkiye Awards ceremony, where numerous awards were presented, one of the most prestigious awards, the Best Pastry Chef award, bore the name of Vakko Patisserie’s talented chef, Ghislain Gaille. This award not only acknowledges Gaille’s excellence for Vakko Patisserie but also confirms his significant place in the gastronomy world as a whole.

Ghislain Gaille is a name inscribed in golden letters in the pastry world, known for his recipes that bring out flavor, aesthetics, and tastes. Visitors at Vakko Patisserie feel Chef Gaille’s unique touch in every taste of his desserts, each resembling a work of art.

This award emphasizes that Gaille is not only about creating perfect flavors but also serves as an inspiring figure in the industry. His creativity and passion pave the way for new trends in the pastry world and inspire young chefs.

Starting his pastry career at the age of 15, Chef Gaille worked alongside internationally acclaimed pastry chefs. He gained experience in luxury hotels in many countries, from Singapore to Greece. The chef, who came to Turkey in 2006, began working at Vakko in 2016.

Ghislain Gaille, who enjoys using dark chocolate and spices in his recipes, emphasizes that they are essential elements in bringing out flavor. He usually considers a maximum of 3 flavors and textures in new recipes. With these successful methods, Chef Gaille continues the tradition of French pastry at the boutique Vakko Patisserie.

With Chef Gaille’s new flavors and creative touches added to Vakko Patisserie’s menu, pastry enthusiasts can expect to be excited about more chocolate creations in the future. Passionate and talented chefs like him continue to inspire the gastronomy world, expanding the boundaries of taste and adding value to the industry. We recommend visiting Vakko Patisserie to taste Ghislain Gaille’s amazing desserts.


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