Gourmand Table Chef Restaurant 1 Toque Owner Amavi Alaçatı and Rising Chef Award Winner Ahmet Can Aras

Amavi Restaurant, the gem of Alaçatı, has established itself as a place in the hearts of flavor enthusiasts. Undoubtedly, the great effort and talent of Executive Chef Ahmet Can Aras play a significant role in its ambitious position. Chef Aras has marked another important milestone in his career and won the prestigious “Rising Chef” award from Gault&Millau 2024 Awards.

Amavi Restaurant is located within the famous Alavya Hotel in Alaçatı. Known for its seafood-focused menu and elegant atmosphere, this venue has shone even brighter under the leadership of Ahmet Can Aras. Upon entering the restaurant, its pleasant atmosphere, bar, spacious dining area, and ceiling that can open and close depending on the weather capture attention. Aras’s mastery and creativity in the kitchen play a key role in providing unforgettable culinary experiences to guests.


The Rising Chef Award given by Gault&Millau not only carries great prestige in the gastronomy world but also rewards chefs for their future potential. Ahmet Can Aras receiving this award not only signifies his personal achievement but also once again proves the success and quality of Amavi Restaurant. The flavors created by Aras in the kitchen, especially with seafood, are remarkable. Meals prepared with fresh and local ingredients enchant customers by blending traditional flavors with a modern touch. Each dish becomes a work of art through the skilled processing of carefully selected ingredients. You can see where the delicious meals come from in the fish aging cabinet, presented as part of the open kitchen in the restaurant. The menu is prepared in a creative, vibrant, and fun way. The inclusion of spices, especially sumac, and abundant use of fresh herbs, is particularly noteworthy in the well-thought-out and designed plates. From street snacks to sophisticated meals, the chef specializes in a wide range, allowing you to taste regional wines from the wine cellar while enjoying DJ performances in the evening.

We recommend visiting Amavi Restaurant under the leadership of Rising Chef of 2024, Ahmet Can Aras, and tasting these meticulously crafted dishes.


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