Arkestra: The Magnificent Orchestra of Flavor Led by Cenk Debensason

Arkestra, adorned with the Gault&Millau Excellent Table 3 Toque award, offers a special gastronomic experience bearing the signature of chef Cenk Debensason. In this experience where modern European cuisine is blended with global touches, each dish is meticulously prepared like a work of art and elevates flavor to its highest octave.

Cenk Debensason: The Maestro of Culinary Arts

Trained at the prestigious Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon, Cenk Debensason gained experience at world-renowned restaurants such as Alain Senderens, Chateau de Bagnols, and Gary Danko. Translating these experiences into his own kitchen, he has created unique and creative flavors. Debensason not only dazzles with taste but also with the aesthetic presentation of his dishes.


Arkestra: The Magnificent Harmony of Flavor and Elegance

The atmosphere of Arkestra, much like its cuisine, is elegant and impressive. Wooden wall panels, Art Deco chandeliers, and stylish decor provide a backdrop for a flavor-filled experience. The restaurant’s menu changes according to seasonal products, offering a new culinary delight each time.

Arkestra’s menu skillfully blends seafood, meats, and vegetables. Favorites among guests include dishes like ‘Arkestra Katsu Sando’ and ‘Steak au Poivre’. Additionally, the wine list is extensive, offering suitable options for every meal.


Arkestra is not only ideal for a delicious dinner but also for a special experience. With its elegant atmosphere, impeccable service, and delicious food, it guarantees an unforgettable evening. As one of the rare establishments crowned with Gault&Millau Turkey’s Excellent Table 3 Toque award, it continues to attract gastronomy enthusiasts. Here, you will feel the perfect harmony of flavor and art, ensuring a memorable experience.

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