Fatih Tutak: Global Star of Local Flavors

Fatih Tutak: Global Star of Local Flavors

At the Gault & Millau Türkiye 2024 Awards Ceremony, Fatih Tutak, who won the Chef of the Year award, emerges as one of the leading figures in modern Turkish cuisine. The TURK Fatih Tutak restaurant in Istanbul has become one of Türkiye’s most prestigious gastronomic destinations, earning the Prestigious Table 4 Toque.

Fatih Tutak’s Story

Fatih Tutak embarked on his impressive journey in the culinary world with education at the Bolu Mengen Culinary School. After apprenticing under master chef Paul Pairet in Istanbul, he worked in the port cities of Qingdao, Beijing, and Hong Kong in China, followed by a stint in the kitchen of the world-renowned Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. During these experiences, he had the opportunity to intern alongside Seiji Yamamoto, a leading figure in modern Japanese cuisine. In Copenhagen, he had the chance to work with master chef Rene Redzepi at Noma, considered one of the world’s best restaurants.

Moving to Bangkok in 2015, Fatih Tutak served as Head Chef at The Dining Room of The House of Sathorn, where he delved into Thai cuisine. The restaurant, where he also worked as Director of Kitchen Operations, successfully made it to Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2017.

Inspired by his mother’s dumplings, Tutak’s special dish “From My Mum” showcased his passion for Turkish cuisine. Due to the popularity of this dish, he began offering a menu inspired by Turkish cuisine at The Dining Room of The House of Sathorn. These experiences provided him with the opportunity to explore different culinary cultures and develop his unique style.

Returning to Turkey in 2019, Tutak opened his first restaurant, TURK Fatih Tutak, in Istanbul. Investigating the traditions and flavors stemming from the Silk Road, Fatih Tutak’s restaurant quickly became one of Turkey’s most prestigious dining establishments.

Fatih Tutak’s story is a perfect example of how determination, international experience, and an innovative perspective lead to success.

TURK Fatih Tutak Restaurant

The TURK Fatih Tutak restaurant, recipient of the Prestigious Table 4 Toque, not only offers creative fine dining culture but also emphasizes sustainability. Nearly every product served in the establishment is sourced from local producers. Techniques such as zero waste and fermentation are highlighted. Bridging the gap between the past and the future, TURK Fatih Tutak accentuates product quality with flavors while also creating a bridge between simplicity and contrast. Century-old traditions are adapted to the spirit of the times through modern interpretations.

The secret to the unique flavors lies in the masterful use of light acidic and smoky tastes. Grilled lamb accompanied by fermented vegetable broth or mackerel cooked with the sharpness of kaffir lime are among the finest examples of these flavors. Tutak meticulously considers presentation, ensuring that each dish is a work of art.

The restaurant of TURK Fatih Tutak captivates guests not only with its culinary experience but also with its atmosphere. Its elegant decor creates a warm and inviting ambiance, giving the impression that every detail has been carefully thought out. The interior design combines modern and traditional Turkish elements skillfully, creating a unique atmosphere with old Turkish motifs and Turkish letters drawing attention.

Fatih Tutak and the TURK Fatih Tutak restaurant make significant contributions to promoting Turkish cuisine internationally. Offering local flavors with a modern perspective, this restaurant provides a unique experience for gastronomy enthusiasts. Gault & Millau Türkiye congratulates Fatih Tutak and his team on being named Chef of the Year and wishes them continued success.           

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