2024 Awards The Best Seafood Restaurant: Horasan Balık Çeşme

The Best Seafood Restaurant Award at the Gault&Millau Türkiye 2024 Awards went to Horasan Balık located in Cesme, Izmir, and it was also crowned with the Gourmand Table Seafood 1 Toque.

Izmir, renowned for its fresh seafood grown in the cool waters of the Aegean, is a city beloved by food enthusiasts. Among the venues that reflect the historical and cultural fabric of the city, Horasan holds a significant place as an address that brings the exquisite taste of seafood to your tables.

Horasan, modestly decorated in the open air, is a restaurant owned by chef Ahmet Horasan. Located under orange and lemon trees, the restaurant boasts a pleasant courtyard and a spacious kitchen. Meals, crafted by a thoughtful and meticulous chef who seeks the best ingredients in the region, can surprise guests with simple yet excellent taste combinations. It offers exquisite flavors based on fresh and natural tastes, along with refined service.

The venue, which offers the freshness and richness of flavor from the sea with a diverse menu, presents a shrimp tartare paired with avocado, strawberry, and chili, which is a palate-pleasing and extremely creative masterpiece. Horasan’s signature dish, ‘Pâtes du Roi,’ a tagliatelle infused with seafood flavors that unfold before your eyes like a film strip, is one of the flavors you must try at Horasan.

If you wish to explore the fresh seafood of Izmir and its rich culinary culture, Horasan Çeşme is the perfect address for you. This venue, blending the freshness of the sea with the breeze of the Aegean, is ready to offer an unforgettable feast of taste to your palate. Each bite is a delight, each moment a privilege; you must definitely visit this venue.

Horasan Çeşme continues to be the meeting point for seafood enthusiasts and those seeking flavor. To experience this exquisite culinary journey at Horasan, where finding a spot in August can be challenging, make your reservation as soon as possible and embark on a journey filled with seafood flavors.


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