Gastronomy Writer Honorary Awards 2024

The Pens of the Turkish Gastronomy World: Mehmet Yaşin and Ahmet Örs

Gastronomy Writer Honorary Awards, presented by Gault & Millau Türkiye this year, have been bestowed upon two of Türkiye’s prominent journalists, Mehmet Yaşin and Ahmet Örs. This award recognizes not only their expertise in writing about food but also their passion for narrating the story of flavors, extending beyond the realm of just cuisine.

Here are the life stories and impressive journeys in the world of gastronomy of these two seasoned journalists:

Mehmet Yaşin: A Tale Behind the Tastes

Since the beginning of his journalism career, Mehmet Yaşin aimed not only to cover news but also to explore the depths of the culinary world. While reporting significant political events on one side, he did not shy away from discovering palate-pleasing flavors on the other.

Having completed his university education in sociology, Yaşin started his journalism career in the 1970s. He worked as a reporter, editor, managing editor, and editor-in-chief in various newspapers. The master writer who published the “Atlas” magazine later became the general manager of Hürriyet Magazine Group. Mehmet Yaşin prepared documentaries for some television channels and served as the general manager of Doğan Kitap for five years. Every week, he writes travel articles for Hürriyet newspaper and food and beverage-related pieces for various magazines. Additionally, Yaşin continues to produce and host the program “Lezzet Durakları” on CNN Türk, turning his interest in the gastronomy world into a quest to understand the cultural and historical context of flavors.

Mehmet Yaşin has gained a wide readership through his gastronomy writings, not only presenting tastes but also offering the stories behind those tastes. The Gastronomy Writer Honorary Award from Gault & Millau Turkey recognizes Yaşin’s pioneering role and passion in this field. According to him, food provides an important window to understand a country’s culture and history, making him deserving of this award.

Ahmet Örs: A Story that Begins with Food

After starting his career in journalism, Ahmet Örs eventually developed an interest in food and created a distinctive style in this field. Chasing after flavors, he discovered the secrets of different cuisines. Örs became known not only for restaurant reviews but also for poignant stories about how food culture is lived in homes.

Beginning his journalism career in 1967 at Yeni İstanbul newspaper, Örs worked as an editor in many magazines, newspapers, and publishing houses. He made significant contributions to the publication of the 2nd World Encyclopedia and continued his career at Hürriyet newspaper. As the General Editorial Director of Hürriyet Magazine Group, he managed numerous new magazine projects. Ahmet Örs, who continues his journalism career as a writer at Sabah newspaper and Aktüel magazine, also serves as the president of the Mutfak Dostları Derneği (Friends of the Kitchen Association).

In his writings, he not only addressed the taste of dishes but also delved into how food culture influences societies. In his view, food is not just a necessity but also stands out as a cultural and identity element. Gault & Millau Turkey’s award acknowledges Ahmet Örs for the deep perspective and unique narrative style he brings to the world of gastronomy.

This Honorary Award serves as a tribute to the depth, passion, and originality in the gastronomy writings of both Mehmet Yaşin and Ahmet Örs. Both journalists emphasize that understanding food culture goes beyond taste preferences, extending to tracing the traces of the past and culture. Gault & Millau Turkey extends its gratitude and congratulations to these two master journalists for their narratives and contributions to Turkish Gastronomy.

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