Hakkasan Bodrum Wins ‘International Brand of the Year’ Award from Gault&Millau Türkiye!

Gault&Millau Turkey takes pride in awarding Hakkasan Bodrum the title of ‘International Brand of the Year.’ This accolade recognizes the success that Hakkasan has achieved in Türkiye and internationally, thanks to its modern Cantonese cuisine, elegant ambiance, and impeccable service.

Chef Andrew Yeo, the mastermind behind Hakkasan Bodrum’s success, is a globally recognized culinary artist. Chef Yeo skillfully blends the rich heritage of Asian cuisine, leaving an indelible mark on the gastronomic world with his unique touches to Hakkasan Bodrum’s menu. Through his creativity, technical expertise, and flavor-focused approach, Chef Yeo has transformed Hakkasan Bodrum into a global gastronomic destination.

Under the leadership of Chef Andrew Yeo, Hakkasan Bodrum presents traditional Cantonese flavors with a modern twist. Yeo’s creative menu, focused on fresh and local ingredients, garners praise from food enthusiasts. The menu features a variety of flavors, including dim sum, wok-cooked dishes, seafood, and meat dishes. One of the most outstanding dishes is the award-winning Peking Duck, presented in perfect slices, juicy, and consistently flavorful with each bite. This exquisite duck, known for its delicious meat and crispy skin, is considered the secret to the success of Hakkasan’s Supreme Signature Peking Duck dish.

Hakkasan Bodrum, symbolizing luxury and elegance on the Bodrum peninsula, brings together the rich heritage of different cultures and contemporary presentations as a globally recognized brand. The restaurant’s elegant ambiance played a significant role in its award-winning success. While incorporating traditional Asian elements into its interior design with a modern touch, Hakkasan Bodrum offers the most unique flavors of contemporary Asian cuisine on its menu. Guests at Hakkasan enjoy an unforgettable dining experience in a special atmosphere.

Gault&Millau Türkiye’s recognition of Hakkasan Bodrum for the award goes beyond the restaurant’s delicious dishes. It acknowledges the impressive combination of the restaurant’s unique experience, attentive service, and elegance offered to guests. Hakkasan Bodrum stands out among other international brands on a global scale, rightfully earning the ‘International Brand of the Year’ award and the Gourmand Table International Cuisine with 1 Toque.”

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