Chayote Restaurant Crowned with 1 Toque at Gault & Millau 2024 Türkiye Awards:

One of the Gourmand Table Chef Restaurants of 2024, Chayote Kaş Restaurant is the hidden gem of the town. Recognized for its gourmet flavors and creative culinary approach, this establishment has earned 1 Toque from Gault & Millau Türkiye, securing its place among Turkiye’s most distinguished restaurants.

About Chayote Restaurant: Located within the Peninsula Gardens Hotel on the Çukurbağ Peninsula in Kaş, Chayote Restaurant enjoys a unique position overlooking the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean, surrounded by nature. The restaurant not only captivates with its breathtaking views but also with the original recipes and impeccable presentations of Executive Chef Tuncay Gülcü. Combining elegance, sophistication, and simplicity, the ambiance of the venue provides guests with an unforgettable dining experience. Tasting these flavors, especially during sunset on the Kaş Peninsula, adds an extra touch to the culinary delight.

About the Chef: Leading the kitchen at Chayote Kaş Restaurant is a chef well-known in the gastronomic world, Tuncay Gülcü. Crafting his university studies around art history and film and television education, Chef Tuncay received culinary training at the Istanbul Culinary Institute. After working in several prestigious establishments, he returned to his hometown of Antalya, where his experience-driven perspective, stemming from his background in art history and cinema, shaped the restaurant’s culinary concept. Chef Tuncay, recognized as one of the key figures contributing to Chayote’s success, stands out with unique recipes, a skill for playing with ingredients, and a creative culinary approach. Starting his career by working in prestigious restaurants, he has established a solid position in the gastronomic world by creating his own distinctive style. Chef Tuncay, noting his roots from both Muğla and Antalya through his parents, attributes his upbringing and culinary culture to the influence of these regions’ geography. Inspired by the culinary and traditions of the region where he grew up, Chef Tuncay infuses his dishes at Chayote Restaurant with the essence of his hometown. As the chef and co-founder of Chayote Restaurant, Chef Tuncay not only aims to create new dishes but also interprets existing ones. In addition to preparing meals, he engages in a series of planning processes that include researching, finding, and sourcing the ingredients for the dishes. Considering this procedure as an integral part of his job, Chef Tuncay prefers products from local producers in the region.

Chayote Restaurant has once again proven its success in this field by receiving the ‘Gourmand Table Chef Restaurant’ award with 1 Toque from Gault & Millau Türkiye. Inviting guests to the pinnacle of local flavors and authenticity, this establishment awaits gastronomy enthusiasts to embark on a journey in the unique atmosphere of the Mediterranean.

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