Dereköy Lokantası



Address: Dereköy, Dereköy Yolu No: 133, 48960 Bodrum/Muğla

Phone: 0533 663 10 87

Executive Chef: Zişan Altıncaba

Dereköy Lokantası, founded by Chef Zişan Altıncaba, is located in the Dereköy neighborhood of Bodrum. The restaurant, which offers flavors from Turkish cuisine with products sourced locally, has managed to attract the attention of many people quickly with its location, natural atmosphere, and quality food. Mezes and warm appetizers, perfect for sharing, make a great introduction to the dining experience. Dereköy Lokantası also offers salads, delicious seafood that leaves its mark on the palate, and signature drinks and wines with beautiful notes.

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