Vino Locale



Executive Chef: Ozan Kumbasar

Address: Kuşçular 8037. Sok. No: 3, 35430 Urla/İzmir

Phone: 0533 321 84 66

The cozy atmosphere and home-like ambiance of this venue is one of the most ideal spots for dining. The design of both indoor and outdoor seating areas invites guests from all walks of life. Eggplant brulée from the garden is served as an amuse-bouche. The rest of the dishes visually impress the guests as well as whetting their appetite. The presentation of each plate reflects the chef’s stance in the kitchen. The dishes are delicious and the presentation style is unique. Vino Locale, which has a wine cellar stocked with both local and international wines, includes selections that will attract any wine connoisseur. Cocktails also feature products from their garden.

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