Year 2024’s “Best Restaurant of the Year” and Rated with 4 Toques: Neolokal

Neolokal, selected as the “Best Restaurant of the Year” in 2024 and rated with 4 Toques, is a restaurant that blends Türkiye’s rich history with the flavors of various cultures. Situated in the heart of the city, Neolokal offers a contemporary twist to traditional Turkish cuisine, providing its guests with an unforgettable culinary experience. The founding partner of Neolokal and the head of its kitchen is Chef Maksut Aşkar, who brings a new breath to Türkiye’s gastronomic scene with his creativity and passion.

Establishing itself as a modern venue in the historic streets of Istanbul, Neolokal combines the city’s cultural heritage, local ingredients, and contemporary cooking techniques. It is not just a place to dine but also a journey of flavors. Under the leadership of Chef Maksut Aşkar, the kitchen team strives to imbue each dish with a story and meaning with every bite.

Chef Maksut Aşkar, known for delving into the deep roots of Turkish cuisine and interpreting traditional recipes with a contemporary approach, considers every dish that comes out of his kitchen not only as a flavor but also as an artwork. Emphasizing the importance of local products and regional flavors, Chef Maksut Aşkar offers guests the rich diversity of Turkish cuisine. Neolokal’s menu changes seasonally and is prepared with the freshest and most local ingredients from various regions of Türkiye. Alongside classic Turkish flavors, the menu also features dishes redesigned with the chef’s unique interpretation. The restaurant offers three tasting menus, including vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Chef Maksut Aşkar stands out not only for his flavors but also for his commitment to sustainability and collaboration with local producers. Most of the ingredients used in Neolokal’s kitchen are environmentally consciously cultivated and selected products. This not only reflects Maksut Aşkar’s and his team’s pursuit of gastronomic excellence but also underscores their commitment to social responsibility.

Neolokal, a shining star in Istanbul’s dining scene, and its master, Maksut Aşkar, offer not just a restaurant but a culinary adventure. This venue, presenting traditional Turkish cuisine from a modern perspective, provides guests with an unforgettable experience. Chef Maksut Aşkar’s passion and creativity are palpable in every dish, making Neolokal a highly recommended destination for anyone looking to explore the rich cultural heritage of Türkiye.


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