Honorary Award for Beyti Güler, the Doyen Who Gives His Name to Beyti, at the Gault&Millau Türkiye 2024 Awards

“Beyti” is known as a flavor name that brings together the taste of Turkey. Although different versions may come to mind when “beyti” is mentioned, generally, a beautiful meat dish appears in everyone’s mind. One of the important masters who created this flavor and gave his name to it is Beyti Güler. This meat dish, which is the signature dish of 95-year-old Beyti Güler, carries his name along with his restaurant.

Beyti Güler laid the foundation of a long-standing family tradition by opening a four-table restaurant with his father, Mr. Abdülmuttalip, in Küçükçekmece in 1945. Over the years, it became one of the best meat restaurants in the city. After a quarter of a century, Beyti Bey took action to build the famous Florya building today. The desired atmosphere in the venue, where traditional architectural features are emphasized, is adorned with tiles, fountains, domes, arches, and wooden cages. This architectural marvel is one of the rare structures of Istanbul and perfectly matches Beyti Bey’s care and identity. A magnificent courtyard welcomes you at the entrance. The elegance of Ottoman architecture meets modernism here. This atmosphere not only offers guests a meal but also a cultural and historical experience.

Beyti Güler’s success comes from learning from craftsmen. The intricacies he learned from his father and the butchers he encountered during his childhood reinforced his mastery. But what truly sets him apart is his quest for innovation while maintaining tradition. Thus, Beyti Güler has created a style not found in other restaurants and made his name a household name for everyone. Today, Beyti Bey runs his restaurant with his son Ahmet Bey and his grandson Cem Bey, never losing his interest in his guests. The restaurant is not only filled with people who come just to eat but also with people who make you feel like family. Florya Beyti’s menu reflects the rich heritage of Turkish cuisine. Exquisite kebabs prepared with traditional methods, including the famous Beyti Kebab, various meat dishes, seafood, and vegetable appetizers, are arranged to suit your palate. Each dish is prepared with carefully selected ingredients and presented with care. The beyti made from curly-haired Thrace lamb undergoes a special process and ultimately offers a perfect taste. In addition, the restaurant’s rich drink menu and carefully crafted desserts are also unforgettable. These flavors crafted by the chefs’ skillful hands offer an unforgettable dance to your taste buds. The atmosphere of the restaurant is not limited to flavors alone. Every detail is designed with the comfort and enjoyment of the guests in mind. A spacious and airy interior provides guests with a comfortable seating experience, while elegant decoration and lighting make your meal even more special. Additionally, VIP rooms designed for special events offer a perfect option for business dinners or private celebrations.

Beyti Restaurant continues to be one of Istanbul’s gastronomic treasures with Beyti Güler’s original vision. We highly recommend visiting Beyti, which is rated with 1 Toque in the Gault&Millau Turkey 2024 Guide.



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