Nihonryori RyuGin: Journey to the Summit of Japanese Cuisine

Nihonryori RyuGin, expertly led by Seiji Yamamoto, is a restaurant located in Tokyo’s Roppongi district and is considered one of the most respected examples of Japanese cuisine, having been awarded 5 Toques by Gault&Millau Japan.

Chef Yamamoto offers a unique gastronomic experience by skillfully blending traditional Japanese flavors with modern techniques. The restaurant’s tasting menu consists of 10-12 carefully crafted dishes that highlight the freshest seasonal ingredients, allowing you to explore the flavors of nature with every bite.

Chef Yamamoto takes great care to source the freshest and most flavorful ingredients from all over Japan. By using the best products of the season, he brings out the full potential of each dish. Not only delicious, each dish is also a visual delight. Chef Yamamoto provides an unforgettable experience by blending traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern presentation techniques. The service at RyuGin is flawless and sincere. The team strives to create a special experience for each guest and showcase the best aspects of Japanese culture.

Seiji Yamamoto is a passionate chef dedicated to Japanese cuisine. Describing himself as a “craftsman working with nature,” Yamamoto is eager to share the philosophy and effort behind each dish with his guests. Yamamoto’s culinary skill has earned him numerous awards and accolades.

RyuGin is an ideal destination for discerning diners seeking a unique experience and wanting to discover the best of Japanese cuisine. The restaurant is quite expensive, requires advance booking, and it is recommended to review the restaurant’s rules before visiting.

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