Borsa Restaurant


12,5 /20

Address: Kandilli, Adile Sultan Sarayı, Vaniköy Cad. No: 12, 34684 Üsküdar/İstanbul
Phone: 0216 460 03 04

Executive Chef : Şenel Çin
Since 1927, Borsa Restaurant has been a family-owned and operated restaurant serving traditional Turkish cuisine. Its Kandilli branch, located in Adile Sultan Palace, with a view overlooking the Bosphorus, opened in 2016. The menu includes some of the finest traditional Turkish dishes and is served by a staff of attentive professionals. The grilled lamb chops served with country-style sauteed potatoes, slivers of fried lamb liver, gavurdağ salad (finely chopped salad vegetables), and Konya-style slow-roasted lamb shank are among the notable dishes of Borsa Restaurant. The wine list consists of independent wine producers from Turkey.

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