BİZ İstanbul


12,5 /20

Address: Atatürk Kültür Merkezi, Gümüşsuyu Mah. Mete Cad. No: 2 Beyoğlu/İstanbul
Phone: 0212 806 07 66

Executive Chef : Mesut Uysal, Bekir Karaman
BİZ Istanbul situated on the top floor of Atatürk Cultural Center, one of the iconic spots of Taksim Square, consists of three sections: Esnaf Lokanta (casual dining area), Bar, (serving street food), and Has Lokanta (fine dining area). Each section offers a different style of food that the guests can mix and match by ordering from different menus. BİZ Istanbul impresses its guests with its breathtaking view, amazing atmosphere, and music selections. The menu features an extensive wine list as well as dishes that showcase the multicultural aspect of “Istanbul cuisine” with the chef’s special touches. The venue is also a must-see to get familiarized with Istanbul’s nightlife

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