16 Roof: Exquisite Flavors with Breathtaking Istanbul View

Located at Swissôtel The Bosphorus, 16 Roof offers a flavorful experience against the unique backdrop of the Bosphorus, earning its place in the Gault&Millau Türkiye 2024 Guide with a 1 Toque rating. With its panoramic Bosphorus view, 16 Roof is destined to become your favorite spot for enjoyable moments outdoors, promising an unforgettable evening with its postcard-perfect atmosphere.

Situated on the roof of one of Istanbul’s landmarks, Swissôtel The Bosphorus, 16 Roof welcomes guests with both restaurant and bar services. The venue, captivating its guests with its design, atmosphere, service quality, and flavors, offers an unforgettable experience. In the bar area, you can enjoy pleasant moments with world-class wines, special whiskies, and colorful cocktails. In the restaurant section, you can taste the unique flavors of the Asian and Turkish cuisine, modernized by the famous chef.

While adding color to the entertainment with DJ performances, 16 Roof ensures you have an unforgettable night accompanied by the Bosphorus view. Guaranteeing a dance-filled evening with performances by famous DJs, the venue offers a unique experience by blending European and Asian cultures with Turkish cuisine.

The menu, carefully prepared by the renowned chef Taha Emrah Özçelik, offers the finest examples of Asian and Turkish cuisine. Special flavors inspired by Asian and Turkish cuisines await you to create an unforgettable day for yourself and your loved ones.

The 16 Roof menu, bearing the signature of experienced chef Taha Emrah Özçelik, takes you on a flavor journey of Asian and Turkish cuisine. Among the unforgettable flavors prepared with traditional and modern techniques are “Lakerda”, “Pickled Fillet”, “Water Börek”, “Tandoori Shrimp”, “Pottery Kebab”, and “Hazelnut Pasta with Lamb Back”.

We recommend visiting 16 Roof to experience an unforgettable time at a restaurant and bar with a Bosphorus view.

  • Address: Swissôtel the Bosphorus Istanbul, Vişnezade Neighborhood, Acısu Street, No: 19, Maçka, Beşiktaş/Istanbul
  • Phone: +90 549 326 11 12


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