Zeferan Restaurant



Head Şef: Aygün Baş

Address: Mustafapaşa Köyü, Yeni Mah. Ürgüp Sok. No: 11 Ürgüp/Nevşehir

Phone: 0384 352 12 22

Aygün Baş is in the kitchen of Zeferan Restaurant, one of Turkey’s most important touristic destinations. The restaurant mainly focuses on traditional Azerbaijani cuisine, offering Ottoman and Turkish flavors and healthy options. Zeferan, located in the historical city of Ürgüp, blends various exquisite flavors, and every dish has a story. The restaurant sources many of its products from its garden. Some of the chef’s specialty dishes include; ‘Lamb shank flavored with pastırma powder’ prepared with wheat from dried apricots, spinach roots, and pine nuts, as well as ‘Baked lamb tenderloin with quince.’

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