Bebek Balıkçısı


11,5 /20

Address: Bebek, Cevdet Paşa Cd. No: 26/A, 34342 Beşiktaş/İstanbul
Phone: 0212 263 34 47

Executive Chef : Zeynep Petek Dursun
Chef Zeynep Petek Dursun is currently in the kitchen of Bebek Balıkçısı, a restaurant that has been renowned for serving fresh and delicious seafood since 1974. The moment you step inside this restaurant, which is a popular spot for both local and foreign guests, your attention will be drawn toward the black and white photographs that adorn the walls like a mini-exhibition. Bebek Balıkçısı, with its modern and open kitchen, is loved by guests for its innovative menus that are prepared using seasonal and fresh seafood. Apart from the delicious food, Bebek Balıkçısı also boasts a wide range of beverages to choose from

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