Aman Da Bravo: At the Summit of Taste with İnanç Çelengil!

Continuing its ascent in the world of gastronomy, Aman Da Bravo, rated with 2 Toques in the Gault&Millau Türkiye 2024 guide, remains a beacon of culinary excellence. The flavors crafted by Chef İnanç Çelengil’s masterful touch continue to enchant the palates of gourmets.

Aman Da Bravo is a restaurant boasting a modern and elegant atmosphere, offering some of the finest examples of Mediterranean cuisine. Chef İnanç Çelengil, focusing on seasonal and local produce, presents traditional flavors with a modern twist. The restaurant’s menu is constantly changing to offer a unique experience with each visit.

İnanç Çelengil: The Secret of Success – Passion and Creativity

İnanç Çelengil, awarded “Best Female Chef” at the Gault&Millau Türkiye 2024 Awards Ceremony, is a standout figure in the culinary world due to her passion for gastronomy and creative vision. She constantly strives for innovation in the kitchen, aiming to provide her guests with an unforgettable experience. The success of İnanç Çelengil’s flavors is not only attributed to her talent but also to the quality and freshness of the ingredients she uses.

What to Expect at Aman Da Bravo?

At Aman Da Bravo, guests can expect not only delicious food but also impeccable service and an elegant ambiance. Many signature dishes bearing the chef’s mark, featuring both regional and global culinary influences, grace the plates. One of the specialties of the restaurant, made with seasonal produce, is cauliflower. The establishment also offers desserts where the balance between bitter and sweet flavors is carefully curated, including homemade ice cream.

If you’re seeking a gourmet experience, be sure to add Aman Da Bravo to your list. We recommend visiting this establishment for the flavors prepared with İnanç Çelengil’s masterful touch and impeccable service.

  • Address: Bebek, Bebeköy Sok. No: 5, 34342 Beşiktaş/İstanbul
  • Phone: 0533 037 37 95

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