The Master of Gastronomy: Tuğrul Şavkay

With respect and gratitude…

Even though 20 years have passed since his decease on September 29, 2003, what Tuğrul Şavkay contributed to the world of gastronomy and the flavor legacy he created with his masterful pen still retains its freshness. Tuğrul Şavkay, one of the pioneering figures in the world of gastronomy, left his mark in the minds of millions with his contributions to culinary culture. However, the importance and impact of the legacy he left behind are becoming more evident with each passing day. He was not just a culinary expert but also a leader who shed light on our cultural heritage, raising awareness in society about food and nutrition. His passion and dedication transformed him from just a gastronomy expert into a true source of inspiration.

Tuğrul Şavkay was one of the pioneers who didn’t see the culinary experience merely as a pleasure but transformed it into an art and cultural element. Creating an atmosphere where people gathered around the dining table could nourish not only their stomachs but also their souls was paramount to him. He worked tirelessly with dedication to pass on our cultural heritage to future generations by telling the stories behind delicious meals. He reached wide audiences with his columns and books on food and flavor. Besides his significant contributions to gastronomy and culinary arts education in Turkey, he was also among the founders of the Yeditepe University Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department. Additionally, he served in the International Olive Council affiliated with the United Nations, playing a significant role in elevating the quality of olive oil production in the country.

In remembrance of the great loss to the world of gastronomy and to honor the memory of Tuğrul Şavkay, we commemorated him with the Honorary Award at the Gault&Millau Turkey 2024 Awards Ceremony. His efforts and contributions will be remembered not only in the field of gastronomy but also in the preservation of our cultural heritage with admiration.

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