Once Again, a Memorable and Delicious Dish from Guy Sayov

French chef Guy Sayov, who has repeatedly been selected as the winner in the French ‘La List’ competition and is the recipient of the ‘World’s Best Restaurant’ award, prepared a menu with his signature, featuring his colorful and extraordinary dishes for his guest, Gökmen Sözen, the CEO of Sözen Group.

Offering unquestionably the best flavors in the world, Guy Sayov has received numerous awards throughout his career. Despite already having received many awards, the chef managed to make his guests even more curious about his flavors. This time, the guest was the CEO of Sözen Group.

Starting his career at a young age, Guy Sayov became acquainted with kitchens and restaurants. He worked hard and tirelessly, drawing inspiration from his elders, and throughout his career, he consistently harvested the fruits of his labor, gathering one award after another! Guy Sayov, who explains that his restaurant staff only works four days a week, has received significant awards such as the Gault&Millau Academy Award with 5 Toques and Michelin stars.

Contributing to Türkiye’s recognition in the gastronomic field, Gökmen Sözen met with French chef Guy Sayov in Paris to achieve this goal.

The special menu prepared by Sayov, with his signature, was truly a feast in terms of flavor and presentation. The carefully selected ingredients and creative presentations left an unforgettable taste in the palate of Gökmen Sözen, the guest and CEO of Sözen Group.

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