Welcome to Turkey, Gault & Millau!

Gault & Millau, one of the two most prestigious gastronomy guides in the world, came to Turkey in cooperation with Sözen Organization. Thanks to its strong gastronomic network, the Gault & Millau Guide, which has a respected place in the world food and beverage sector, will start fieldwork in Turkey in 2023 and it will be published in 2024!


Gault & Millau, one of the world’s prestigious guides, whose first issue was published in Paris in 1969 by journalists and food critics Henri Gault and Christian Millau, is in Turkey in cooperation with Sözen Organization!

Adding Turkey to its gastronomy network and reaching 14 countries in total, Gault & Millau is one of the two most well-known and appreciated guides in the world of gastronomy. The field studies of the guide, which is followed closely by gastronomy enthusiasts, gourmets and travelers, will start in 2023 and the guide will be published in 2024.

The most important principle of the respected guide, who acts with the aim of taking the gastronomic culture to a higher level is absolutely appreciated and no offensive or negative comments are published about chefs or restaurants. Believing in the authenticity of each chef and restaurant, Gault & Millau continues to work with independent wine and gastronomy experts to rate restaurants and chefs.

After fifty years of pursuit of flavor and talent, Gault & Millau has eight regional guides, a wine guide and a champagne guide. Gault & Millau evaluates the service, price and atmosphere of the restaurant and the chefs separately and the quality of the food is given a score between one and twenty. Highly rated restaurants earn between one and four of Gault & Millau’s signature hats, depending on the degree of their score. Payments are not accepted for participation in this reputable directory.


Gault & Millau, which has gained a respectable place thanks to its strong gastronomic network, is currently published in 13 countries. Gault & Millau Guide, which 82 percent of its participants accept as a reference brand according to industry research, examines 16 thousand restaurants from all over the world and tastes 15 thousand wines every year. The guide, which appeals to a wide audience with 320 thousand visitors per month on the gaultmillau.com website, also includes the new generation representatives of gastronomy. More than 400 thousand e-mail addresses are registered in the database of Gault & Millau in France alone.

Gault & Millau, which entered the form of an online gastronomy guide in 2013, took its place in the Turkish market with the cooperation of Sözen Organization as a strong brand with its sensitivity on ethical values. The initiatives of these two important brands will activate Turkey’s gastronomy world and contribute to its promotion in international gastronomy platforms.

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