The Arrival of Gault & Millau in Turkey was Introduced with a Special Invitation

The Turkey launch of Gault & Millau, one of the two most prestigious gastronomy guides in the world, took place with the participation of many names from the world of business, art, society and gastronomy. The invitation, hosted by Sözen Group CEO Gökmen Sözen and Gault & Millau CEO Patrick Hayoun, was attended by names such as Hediye Güral Gür, Sahrap Soysal, Nuri Develi, Murat Öztiryaki-Tahsin Öztiryaki, Moshe Aelyon, Rudolf Van Nunen, Sadettin Cesur, Tolga Atalay and Aycan Akdağ.

Gökmen Sözen and Patrick Hayoun, who met with famous chefs as well as their close friends, took a close interest in their guests.

Gault & Millau, which was first published in Paris in 1969 by two journalists and food critic Henri Gault and Christian Millau, stepped into Turkey in cooperation with Sözen Organization. Incorporating Turkey as the 17th country, Gault & Millau is considered one of the two most well-known and appreciated guides in the field of gastronomy. Gault & Millau Guide, which has gained a respectable place for itself thanks to its strong gastronomy network, will start fieldwork in Turkey in 2023 and will be published in 2024!

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