Harmony, balance and mastery: Sankai by Nagaya

Led by Master Chef Nagaya and accompanied by Edo Mae Sushi Chef Hiroko Shibata, Sankai is a gateway to discovering the rich flavors of Japanese cuisine and experiencing “omotenashi” hospitality. Sankai skillfully combines traditional Edo-mae style sushi with kaiseki cuisine for an unforgettable culinary adventure.

Edomae sushi refers to nigiri sushi made from fish caught in Tokyo Bay, formerly known as Edo Bay. In those days, there were no refrigerators and transportation was not as advanced as it is today, so sushi masters used fresh fish from local waters to create this unique delicacy.

Kaiseki, on the other hand, is a traditional Japanese multi-course haute cuisine based on harmony, balance and mastery of fresh seasonal ingredients. Each presentation embodies the most precious qualities of Japanese cuisine and offers guests a unique dining experience.

Sankai by Nagaya offers two seasonal options in its tasting menus, prepared with the daily flavors of land and sea: Sankai Sushi represents a sushi-oriented menu, while Nagaya Signature tells the rich story of kaiseki cuisine.

Awarded 3 Toques by Gault Millau, Sankai by Nagaya is located in Bebek, the Pearl of the Bosphorus, in the heart of Istanbul. This special place offers its guests not only the flavors, but also the depth and authenticity of Japanese culture.

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