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Address: Firuzağa Mah. Çukurcuma Cd. No: 53/A, 34425 Beyoğlu/İstanbul
Phone: 0212 293 20 62

Executive Chef : Aydın İlçe
Located in Çukurcuma, a neighborhood close to Taksim, Cuma reflects the unique character of its location. Bringing together different cuisines and flavors of İstanbul that coexisted throughout its history is evident in many aspects of the restaurant which is explained in detail by the staff. This multiculturalism makes the dining experience more special which is also reflected in the dishes at Cuma. You may want to taste a little bit of everything on the menu, which is prepared seasonally using high-quality local ingredients creating flavors that are appreciated by the guests. Crispy pistachio baklava with apricot puree and buffalo cream is a multi-layered combination. There is also a list of local wines from both small and independent wine producers.

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