At the Gault&Millau Türkiye 2024 Awards Ceremony, Chalet won the Chef’s Table 2 Toque Award!

Located in the heart of Swissotel The Bosphorus, Chalet Restaurant transports its guests to the intimate atmosphere and delicious cuisine of the Swiss Alps. Inspired by a 120-year-old historic Swiss mountain house, the restaurant offers an unforgettable experience with its wooden decoration, fireplace, and friendly service.


Upon entering Chalet, you are greeted by a warm mountain house atmosphere. Wooden walls, sunlight filtering through the windows, and a crackling fireplace create a peaceful and cozy environment. The restaurant makes you feel like you are in a snow-covered mountain house during the winter months, while in the summer months, you can enjoy the lush greenery of a garden.


Chalet’s menu presents the flavors of traditional Swiss cuisine with modern interpretations. Among the delicious dishes prepared by award-winning chefs, classics such as cheese fondue, raclette, and Zürich-style sliced meat stand out. Additionally, special dishes prepared from seasonal ingredients are also featured on the menu. Chalet’s dessert menu also offers some of the finest examples of Swiss cuisine. Desserts like chocolate fondue, chocolate mousse, and strudel perfectly complement your meal.

Wine List:

Chalet’s extensive wine list includes the finest wines from Switzerland and around the world. Experienced sommeliers assist you in selecting the best wine to complement the flavors on the menu.

We recommend visiting Chalet to experience the Swiss influences in Istanbul and savor these delicious meals.

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